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    Reseller Hosting Support using Parallels (Server Name and Nameservers)

CLOUD XS1 - Parallels Linux
Primary Nameserver..:ns1-s16.lookwhois.com
Secondary Nameserver..: ns2-s16.lookwhois.com

CLOUD XS2  - Parallels Linux
Primary Nameserver..:ns1.nacgo.com
Secondary Nameserver..: ns2.nacgo.com

CLOUD W5 - Parallels Windows
Primary Nameserver..:ns1-w5.lookwhois.com
Secondary Nameserver..: ns2-w5.lookwhois.com

S5 - Parallels Linux
Primary Nameserver..:ns1-s5.lookwhois.com
Secondary Nameserver..: ns2-s5.lookwhois.com

S6 - Parallels Linux
Primary Nameserver..:ns17.lookwhois.com
Secondary Nameserver..: ns18.lookwhois.com

S7 - Parallels Linux
Primary Nameserver..:ns23.lookwhois.com
Secondary Nameserver..: ns24.lookwhois.com

S9 - Parallels Linux
Primary Nameserver..:ns1-s9.lookwhois.com
Secondary Nameserver..: ns2-s9.lookwhois.com

S10 - Parallels Linux
Primary Nameserver..:ns1-s10.lookwhois.com
Secondary Nameserver..: ns2-s10.lookwhois.com

W3 - Parallels Windows
Primary Nameserver..:ns1-w3.lookwhois.com
Secondary Nameserver..: ns2-w3.lookwhois.com

W4 - Parallels Windows
Primary Nameserver..:ns1-w4.lookwhois.com
Secondary Nameserver..: ns2-w4.lookwhois.com



    Reseller Hosting Support for cPanel/WHM (Server Name and Nameservers)

C1 - cPanel/WHM
Primary Nameserver..:ns1-c1.lookwhois.com
Secondary Nameserver..: ns2-c1.lookwhois.com



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