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DOMAIN FAQ'S > Reset Password


Domain Password Reset Procedure

 Step 1: Reset domain password <--- Click this link and allow popup and enter your domain name. Reset email will be emailed to the current admin contact email address, check whois here

 Snapshot below


Step 2: Type your new password, remember your existing username.

 Snapshot below


 Step 3: Convert new password to NAC  <--- Click this link here. Please allow popup and re-enter the domain, username and password. Then click "Create NAC Passport"

Snapshot of this popup below


You should see "set" or the suggested username in the next popup box,

Snapshot of this popup below


 Done! You can now login using our domain panel.


 To change your username and password, please follow our instructions here


  Click here to renew domain(s) without the login and password

 Still need help? Please submit a ticket -- our staff will reply within 30 minutes or less..


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