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DOMAIN FAQ'S > Changing A/MX Records


How to change your A, MX, CNAME, TXT records

 Step 1: Login to iControlpanel.com <--- or click this link. Type your domain, username and password.


 Snapshot below


Step 2: Click Name Servers/DNS -- If you don't see the DNS (next to Name Servers) please submit a ticket and we will enable this for you for no additional charge. If this is greyed out, please click "domain locking" and disable.


  Snapshot below


 Step 3: Click "Modify DNS Zone"


  Snapshot below


 Step 4: Enter your A records. Scroll down below and you will find fields for CNAME, MX, TXT. Click "Save DNS Zone"


 Snapshot of A record fields below


Step 5: Click "Manage Name Servers"


 Snapshot below


Step 5: Change your name servers to: Primary: ns1.systemdns.com, Secondary: ns2.systemdns.com, Tertiary: ns3.systemdns.com > Click "Save Configuration"


 Snapshot below





 Still need help? Please submit a ticket -- our staff will reply within 30 minutes or less..


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