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Network Status

Our Datacenters
Los Angeles Datacenter, Texas Datacenter


Gigabit Data Center offers collocation and superior redundancy - giving the end user fast, clean connectivity and unimaginable speed. 

LADC is a carrier neutral data center that offers its clients the option of purchasing some of the best connectivity to the Internet available today. Strategically located at the Los Angeles hub of telecommunications and Internet connectivity, LADC Gigabit Data Center offers collocation and superior redundancy - giving the end user fast and clean connectivity. LADC location is equipped to handle the growing need for bandwidth-intensive content. In order to provide our customers with available and un-congested bandwidth during network traffic spikes, we are committed to maintaining excess network capacity.

LADC high-bandwidth global network provides fast, clean and redundant connectivity to multiple carriers. LADC has established private and public peering relationships to distribute and route traffic through the shortest possible paths - offering you high-speed broadband performance at greatly reduced rates.

Our Services are designed to be highly scalable and flexible in order to meet the needs of our customers as their Internet requirements change. Our network is designed to enable us to quickly scale bandwidth to meet our customers' needs. In addition, since we charge our customers based on the amount of space and bandwidth they use, customers are afforded a flexible, cost effective path to increasing their Internet operations. We also provide flexibility for our customers by supporting all leading Internet hardware.

By connection within our network, ISPs have "one hop" connectivity to content providers collocated in the same facility. We believe that by providing a means to reduce the number of "hops" in the transmission of data, our network design offers significant benefits to international ISP as they seek to gain fast, reliable access to U.S.- based content. In addition, ISP's that participate in our Internet service exchanges are able to take advantage of peering relationships generally available only to major network providers.


LADC provides its customers with sophisticated monitoring, reporting and management tools that can be remotely accessed by customers to control their Internet hardware, software and application environments. Our onsite personnel are trained in the areas of networking and systems administration. Through observation, LADC engineers are able to often identify and resolve many potential problems before they impact an Internet site's availability or performance - significantly reducing customers' needs for on-site access to their equipment.

LADC employs three times as many System Administrators and Network Engineers in its Network Operation Center as the standard deployment found in most Data Centers. These highly skilled staff members are on duty around the clock, 24/7 365 days of the year. They are constantly monitoring LADC's network and physical well-being and take immediate action when a problem is detected.

LADC uses state of the art custom in-house monitoring solutions. We can monitor every aspect of your e-business, from simple connectivity checks to web site content checking to detailed server load metrics. Thresholds and error conditions can be set to send notifications when an error occurs and when the server recovers.

We have developed in-house bandwidth metering tools that don't just measure usage and provide billing information. These advanced tools also provide our NOC staff with rapid response network traffic and health readings. Our software utilizes advanced heuristics to detect bandwidth spikes that may indicate problems on the network before they affect the bottom line.

In addition to monitoring network ports and services such as FTP, SSH, HTTP, and other network-based applications, we offer several other custom network based monitoring services. We offer state of the art virus/spam monitoring and filtering as well as security services including Intrusion Detection Systems and stateful packet inspection.


Protect your mission critical information against service interruptions

Today any amount of downtime can mean a loss in productivity, profits, customers, and other business opportunities. LADC provides proven strategies, services, and technologies to reduce your vulnerability and assist in the protection of your mission-critical operations by implementing specifically tailored solutions to meet our clients needs.

Having a well-planned strategy is the most effective way to protect your data. With the number of hacks and viruses on the rise, properly backing up and storing your data has never been more important.

LADC provides complete backup, storage and retrieval services for your data by utilizing a powerful suite of technologies combined with an enterprise-class team of data center engineers.

LADC state-of-the-art data center facility provides the foundation for our three disaster recovery and business continuity service solutions: Immediate Response, Rapid Response, and Turn-Up Response.


LADC staff uses R1Soft Continuous Data Protection for Windows and Linux to back up servers.





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