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 Support > Domains > Create Your Own Nameservers



Step 1

Login to our domain management control panel

Step 2

Click 'Nameservers'
('Domain Locking' feature must be disabled - click on 'Domain Locking' to disable)

Step 3

Click where it says: If you want to create or modify a nameserver
Server Hostname - Type your hostname e.g. ns1
Server IP Address: Type the IP e.g.
Click 'Create Name Server'


To change the DNS using your new nameservers, please do it here!


** IMPORTANT : Before adding additional name servers to your configuration, you should be sure that the name server has setup correctly. 24 - 48 hours after you submit a request for an additional name server, it will be in the rotation for authoritative lookups and if it is not setup correctly, your site will take a long time to resolve when visitors try to find you.
NOTE: This procedure requires a dedicated IP from your current host or ISP.



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